Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Formally known as Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy, the commonly referred to “wrongful termination” is a broad legal claim that challenges an unlawful dismissal based on a variety of different laws including the California Fair Employment and Housing Act or Labor Code.  For example, a wrongful termination can occur because an employee was subject to discrimination as well as whether an employee was a whistleblower or complained about harassment or the unpaid wages.  Since a wrongful termination is almost always based on the violation of another law, in practice, it is effectively a piggyback claim to one of the more traditional legal claims normally asserted.


Some examples of situations where a claim for wrongful termination may be appropriate:


  • An employee is fired after making a complaint about unlawful business practices in the workplace;
  • Shortly after a new supervisor takes over, an employee is fired because the supervisor is trying to bring in new, younger talent;
  • An employee is fired right after they ask why they were not paid overtime for all hours they worked over eight (8) in a day;
  • An employee is fired after complaining about sexual harassment in the workplace; or
  • A female employee is fired after complaining that she does not receive pay equal to that of her male colleagues.


Although these are just a few general examples, hopefully it highlights situations where wrongful termination claims should be explored.  It is very helpful that California employees understand the term wrongful termination may mean they have legal rights that may have been violated.  If an employee has any suspicion that their termination was a “wrongful termination” or in any way unlawful, they should contact an attorney to discuss the specific facts of their case.


If you feel like you have been the victim of a wrongful termination, it would be prudent to contact an employment attorney in Orange County immediately.

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