Wrongful Termination Attorneys

When an employee is terminated for an improper reason, they commonly refer to it as a “wrongful termination.”  This is generally correct as a wrongful termination occurs when an employer terminates (fires) an employee for what is a violation of any applicable law.  For example, practically this means an employer terminated an employee for a discriminatory or retaliatory reason, because they made a complaint about a believed legal violation.  So, in a lawsuit, a cause of action for wrongful termination is effectively a piggyback claim to one of the more traditional claims normally asserted.

Regardless of the actual legal meaning, it is very helpful that California employees understand the term wrongful termination may mean they have legal rights that may have been violated.  If an employee has any suspicion that their termination was a “wrongful termination” or in any way unlawful, they should contact an attorney to discuss the specific facts of their case.

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