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Combining unique and dynamic personalities with extensive backgrounds in employment law, Ares Law Group provides clients with attorneys they want, who have the experience they need.

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Ares Law Group Has Over 30 Years of Employment Law Experience in Matters Involving:

Wrongful Termination

Unpaid Minimum Wages
Unpaid Overtime
Wage Claims

Family Medical Leave Act
Meal and Rest Periods
Leaves of Absence
Vacation Pay

Severance Agreements
Employment Contracts
Employee Bonuses

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The Experience You Need.  The attorneys at Ares Law Group have worked at the most renowned and prestigious labor and employment law firms in the United States representing local, national and international employers in individual and class action employment litigation matters.  This background and experience allows our attorneys to approach each case with a unique perspective and understanding of how their adversaries view and defend cases.  This strategic perspective is invaluable to clients.

IT Professionals and Exemptions in California

Exemptions in California can be very confusing. Trying to determine whether an employee is exempt from overtime or non-exempt and entitled to overtime is difficult, and this is especially true with IT professionals.  While IT professionals are usually salaried...

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